Abstract Truth big Band.jpg

2019 - O’Higgins & Luft Play Monk & Trane (Ubuntu Music)

2018 - Tenors of Our Time (Albore Jazz)

2017 - It’s Always 9:30 in Zog (JVG Productions)

2016 - Oh Gee! with Barnes / O’Higgins and the Sax Section (Woodville)

2015 - The Abstract Truth Big Band (JVG Productions)

2014 - The Real Note vol. 2 (Jazzizit) with the Gascoyne/O’Higgins Quartet

2014 - Standards (JVG Productions)

2013 - Two Minds Big Band (JVG Productions)

2012 - Got The Real Note (Jazzizit) with the Gascoyne/O’Higgins Quartet

2011 - The Devil’s Interval (with Eric Alexander) (JVG Productions)

2010 - Relaxin’ At Mount Lavinia (JVG Productions)

2009 - Sketch Book (with Eric Alexander) (Jazzizit)

2008 - In the Zone (Jazzizit)

2004 - Push (Short Fuse)

2002 - Fast Foot Shuffle (Candid)

2001 - Big Shake Up by Dave O’Higgins’ Biggish Band (Candid)

1999 - The Grinder’s Monkey (Short Fuse)

1996 - The Secret Ingredient (EFZ)

1995 - Under The Stone (EFZ) (jazz quintet plus string section)

1994 - Beats Working For A Living (recorded in New York) (EFZ)

1993 - All Good Things (EFZ)

Other notable recordings:

Jason Rebello: A Clearer View (BMG) produced by Wayne Shorter, 

Roadside Picnic: Roadside Picnic (BMG), For Madmen Only (BMG)

Itchy Fingers: Full English Breakfast (Enja)

Jim Mullen: Soundbites (EFZ), Rule of Thumb (EFZ)

Clark Tracey Sextet: Full Speed Sideways (33)

Martin Taylor: Spirit of Django (Linn), Years Apart (Linn), The Gypsy (Linn), Celebrating Grapelli (Linn)

Matthew Herbert: Goodbye Swingtime (Accidental Records)

There’s Me and There’s You (K7/Accidental Records)

Jamie Cullum: Pointless Nostalgic (Candid)   

The Loire Allstars (JVG Productions)

Kyle Eastwood: Now

Brubecks Play Brubeck

Darius Brubeck Quartet: Cathy’s Summer, Years Ago

Matt Bianco: Gravity